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it’s all about the brand


It’s all about your brand. Well, not… it’s also about your products and services, but the brand really takes a lot of weight on its shoulders. We can help.

Is your brand ready for the digital era or do you need a digital branding evolution? Are you launching a new brand, do you want to achieve higher brand authority, or do you want to consolidate your current one?

Let us know about your digital branding goals.

Orchestrating digital media across channels like a symphony


If your brand is already operating in the digital space, then you need to design an appropriate strategy to make your brand or business message coherent and effective across several channels, each one with its own identity, target audience, and specific profile settings.

Starting from your communication goals and your target audience, we can help you design the most effective multi-channel digital communication strategy with a digital communication plan that will orchestrate your digital media across all channels like a symphony.

Let’s start working together on planning your multi-channel digital communication strategy.

Know your ennemies

Competitors analysis

You need to constantly monitor the competitors. Are they launching new products, expanding their distribution, owning a slice of the market with one of their products or services?

Or is your company entering a new market and you want to figure out the scenario?

Tell us about your competitors. Or, let us tell you who they are.

it’s all about reputation

Online Brand Reputation

If you’re getting in touch with us about your online brand reputation, then you already know that it is not good.

We can provide you with reports about how bad your brand is perceived online, but we’ll rather suggest to start working on getting your online reputation back up.

Are you ready for a fresh new start?


Team Training + Tutoring

Skill up your team, take control of your internet marketing operations, no more agencies.

We can train your team with the skills they need in SEO, SEO copywriting, social media and content marketing, and will follow-up and work for a few months together while tutoring your team.

Let us know about your team’s training needs.

your brand needs a home

WEB design + development

Whatever your business or cause you are in, you need a website, that’s the first step if you want your own presence in the digital space

And you want your site to be optimized for search engines as well as for conversion, pleasant to interact with, and to be performing and functional on any device, including smartphones.

Tell us what you need to do with your website, and we’ll build it for you.

Optimize your online business


Do you want to sell from your website physical products, services or digital downloads? Will you need to accept online payments for a sale, to accept donations, or for the online booking of your services?

In any case, we can build for you a secure, reliable, performing ecommerce website, tailored for your needs and designed for conversion.

Contact us if you are ready to sell online.

optimization for performance

Landing page A/B TESTING

A landing page is the page towards which you will invest all your efforts in terms of driving traffic, and the success key is design for conversion for the landing page.

With a few sessions of landing page A/B testing you will constantly able to refine the page’s performance, comparing different landing pages or even different offers, and choosing the one that performs best in terms of conversions.

Shall we start aiming at better conversions?

Secure from industry bans


We can help you implement and optimize any ecommerce payment gateway, so your customers can pay with credit cards, PayPal, digital wallets and payments in instalments.

Most of all, we have the solution for those who are experiencing bans from payment platforms on specific industries and product categories, such as in the case of the bans for the cannabis and CBD industry.

Let’s start getting some online payments.

Easy online reservations


Need to collect bookings for your business on your website? We can help you set up and optimize an online booking system, that we can also integrate with a gateway payment if you need to collect advance fees on your appointments.

We are also expert on the integration of vertical booking platforms, such as FareHarbor or Rezgo for the travel and tour operator industry.

Shall we book an appointment to talk about your needs?

connecting with buyers


If you need to connect with the B2B buyers of your marketplace, we can help you at any level of your B2B targeted campaigns, from the strategy level all the way to operations.

We can help you define your target audience and the most effective channels to reach it. Then we can plan and run B2B targeted campaigns on LinkedIn and/or via email marketing, supported by landing pages optimized for SEO and for conversion.

Tell us about your B2B target audience.



A newsletter, when is not boring or invasive, is still one of the best digital communication tools for keeping a target audience informed and interactive with a brand.

We can help you choose the right newsletter platform for your needs, design a fresh newsletter coherent with your brand identity, help set-up and implement the newsletter on your website, and also help you with privacy settings and even content planning.

We are ready when you are.

How social is your brand?

Social media marketing

Your company has a page on Facebook, one on Instagram and LinkedIn, and a couple other social media accounts, but no results from all that work.

Perhaps your team need some training on how to boost the performance of their social media marketing activity on each channel, and we can provide such training.

Get in touch and tell us about your social media marketing needs.

Better than counting likes


Getting real social media results goes beyond counting followers and likes. To succeed in social media marketing your team needs to devote at least half or their time interacting with other users, pages and groups. 

Your team needs a solid training on how to get the most from social engagement strategies and techniques.

Let’s start getting real results from social media.

Connecting with influencers


If you want us to find you the Insta starlet who will ask you a wagon of cash for a post, then we are not the right agency for you.

The influencers marketing strategies we love are designed through strategic organic connections, and are extensions of social media engagement strategies thanks to which your brand is already having conversations with bloggers, admins of social media pages and groups, and other real influencers with real followers but no “star attitude”.

The next step is to propose joint projects or special promotions, offer a column in your blog, and other forms of higher engagement that are almost “ambassadorships”.

Which kind of influencers is your brand looking for?

Launching something new?


if you are about to launch something new such as a startup, brand, product or product line, you need a full digital marketing setup to support your launch.

Digital branding, websites and landing pages, definitely a solid SEO approach, consistent social media marketing initiatives and campaigns, a content marketing plan for your brand narrative, some online PR, and maybe also a crowdfunding campaign.

Even if you have some of your digital marketing assets ready, we would love to support you with further digital marketing needs to start your new business journey.

Just call us for a first free consultation.

Content has always been king


Content has been king since the beginning of the SEO era, and today it is still the main resource for your digital marketing communication efforts.

Content marketing drives qualified traffic, boost your SEO ranking and authority, and is at the core of your social media marketing activities.

Do you need our help in crafting a content marketing strategy for your business?

Publishing planned content


If you want to benefits from content marketing, or want your social media efforts to be effective, you need to coordinate and plan all your content and actions.

You will need an editorial plan for each channel to know and plan what to publish, in which format, and where, and a publishing plan that integrate all the channels in one broadcasting plan.

Let’s start planning when you are ready.

Once upon a marketing


Who cares of boring, product-focused blog posts, Instagram Stories, YouTube videos, or even  Facebook posts and tweets. And who reads a boring website? Scroll, scroll, and your content becomes irrelevant to the user.

We can help you make that product or brand-focused content actionable, and definitely interesting for the user to interact with. It’s all about keeping your audience engaged, and we can help you transform your brand into a good storyteller. We can even go a step further, and “personify” your brand, creating also a visual help to your brand’s storytelling narrative.

Let’s start creating a storyline for your brand.

Most powerful theme ever


DIVI theme is the most powerful them on the web. Full Stop. Flexible, solid, reliable, full of optimization and design features, with a community of DIVI developers who constantly outputs plugins and code snippets that give DIVI even more power.

We have been part of the DIVI developers community since day one, and followed DIVI’s evolution for years, while working with the platform and exploring all of its features, and the features of pretty much all the DIVI plugins out there. We know the DIVI world inside out, and we strongly recommend DIVI to all our clients.

Scroll down the page to get a link to our dedicated low budget “basic DIVI” services, that come with all of Truly Social’s SEO power at our new division DIVI BASIC SEO PRO.

Ask us what DIVI can do for you.

We can fix it for you


Your website is not working, error messages appear and other tech nightmares? We would suggest to get yourself a new website, but we can understand if you don’t have a budget for it, or if you have a personal affection to your old site.

Pretty much all website problems can be fixed. It could be a problem of configuration, a plugin conflict, or a non updated website or database.

We can dedicate a few hours or days of work, at a fixed affordable rate, and we’ll give your website a quick fix. If the website is “unfixable”, or would require way too much resources to be back with a working but old site, we will advice you, and we won’t charge you for the intervention.

And if you call us to fix a broken site, but in the process you change your mind and decided to get a brand new site, we will apply a good discount on our pricing.

Get in touch, the first website check is free.

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