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It’s not always about the money

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Most of the crowdfunding and online fundraising campaigns fail because their financial goals are set too high.

Other classic crowdfunding campaign fails happen when the campaign’s promoters don’t present the project in a way that can generate empathy, or forget to reward and follow-up backers and supporters, or to raise awareness / promote the campaign.

We can help you set up and run a successful crowdfunding campaign that will help you raise the resources you need. 

Crowdfunding is not just for fundraising and causes, it’s also a great strategy for a new product launch.

Let us know about your crowdfunding goals.

Make the world a better place


Your organization has an environmental, educational, cultural, social or civil rights mission but no big budget and resources; yet you really need help in spreading tour organization message and raising awareness on your cause in the digital space.

We can probably help your cause with some pro-bono work. If we need to invoice you part of the work, we will do it with ethical, very affordable, and further discounted pricing.

We can also train your internal team to develop the internet marketing skills your organization needs be independent and performing in the digital marketing arena.  

Get in touch with us and let’s talk about your project’s needs in terms of ethical digital communication. 

ONLY for ethical causes


We don’t like advertising. It gives non-organic and not permanent results; as soon as you stop paying for the ads, all benefits are gone, and your site is back to ground zero. This is why we prefer organic and earned organic SEO content, strategies and tactics.

At times, ads can help, specially if the campaign goal is to raise awareness or funds for an ethical or sustainable cause.

In that case (and in that case only), we can help you set up and manage highly performing advertising and sponsored content campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Let’s start planning your ethical ads campaigns.

time-material no crazy mark-ups


We cannot send you a quote for our services if we don’t have a clear idea beforehand of what we are called to develop and deliver.

Our first consultations are always free. Then we have a look at the object of the request, and let you know exactly what we can do. Based on an agreed list of interventions, we will provide you with a quote, and the pricing will be honestly and ethically related to the actual work we plan to do.

We calculate pricing for our services with a time-material formula: man/hours, half day blocks of work. No crazy mark ups and no hidden fees. Our rates are affordable, too.

We are ready to listen to your digital marketing needs.

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We don't like advertising and corporate media, but we believe in the power of communication.